10,000 steps

If you had some time to lend to yourself, would you take a 30 minute walk? Could the 30 minute walk at a fast, but steady pace, be a part of our daily beauty regime?

On one occasion, a very good person told us that if we were to spend only 30 minutes each day focusing on ourselves it would make for the beauty we feel inside to match the beauty we see outside; we would very much appreciate being alive and appreciate the ones around us.

How could the 30 minute walk help?

So we tried to find answers as to why it is a big deal to be walking that 30 minute walk, at a fast, but steady pace. Here’s what we dug up so far:

  • It maintains a steady heart rate and this is always beneficial to people who don’t need to or don’t want to be in that painful position of feeling your heart in your throat (not that we don’t salute those who run and those who do the High Intensity Interval Trainings, HIIT).
  • It regulates your posture: if you’ve ever taken a Pilates class, you’re always asked to pull your belly button in towards your spine, in order to work on your core moves. Well, when you stand tall and chin up, with your shoulders back, your chest lifted, and your belly button sucked in, not only are you helping chiseling away your abs, but you also are involuntarily fixing that “slouchy” posture that we get from continuous sitting at work/school/home.
  • It increases your sense of awareness when you do it outside al fresco (read: surrounded by nature). In two studies that have been conducted consecutively, the groups of people that walked outside were more perceptive to their surroundings and had higher self awareness, regardless of the weather conditions. Although, we might add that walking during snowfalls, eating ice cream cones is a cherished tradition in our family.
  • It will help you lose weight, without the need to exhaust yourself. If you keep it on a regular basis and incorporate short speed walking marathons at a speed when you can hum, but not able to carry out a full conversation, you increase your metabolic rate as fast as you would, when you would be doing the HIITS.
  • It just makes you happy to be focusing on yourself. For this part we suggest you find a familiar territory where you can tune out the outside world and focus on your breathing (such as a running track in the school yard).

Last Christmas we had the privilege to visit Norway and we discovered few important things:

  • Number 1: the scenery is just like here (Ontario and the Kawartha region), with big trees, wide open spaces and fresh air to make your head spin.
  • Number 2: The winter weather can be unpredictable; One day is very mild and the next can be frigid cold. But the air was crisp and fresh, helping us get that very popular oxygen facial the natural way (beauty’s always on our minds, wherever we go).
  • Number 3: Come rain or shine (or really cold windy day), you will always see Norwegians walking on their streets or by the sea shore. Early on a Saturday morning, what seemed to be a sleepy Norwegian city, simply wasn’t. People were walking by themselves or with their dogs, as if they were running late for something important.

It didn’t take long for us to see that the Norwegians had understood the philosophy: to give yourself the time to reflect and to do it while walking.

We have to admit that this wasn’t the first time we had encountered the speed walkers. In California, they transform into runners, or surfers. In Continental Europe, they are usually referred to as the casual strollers. Here in our neighborhood they are referred to as the very active elderly. What they all have in common is their love for the pace and the pavement for which you only need comfortable shoes and 30 minutes of your time.

Find a reason, do go and give the speed walk a try. The results will be based on your individual preference, but very rewarding. Try it at different hours of the day: we love getting up before the sunrise and greeting the day with a big smile on our faces. If you’d like, you can get a pedometer and actually try to achieve the 10,000 steps. Try this, and of course

Be happy, be beautiful.



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