Looking our Sunday’s best over the holidays

A lot of things happen to us around this time of the year. Some of us are planning cookie bake-offs, some of us are making the final arrangements for the office or a get-together at home. In the end, we all have a social event (of any kind) to attend, and look our best. Continue reading Looking our Sunday’s best over the holidays

Christmas is near

We love shopping for Christmas gifts for our family and friends. So much so, that we even try to imagine what their reaction is going to be when they open the parcel with their name on it. Continue reading Christmas is near

A simple handshake with a healthy grip

We went to the café, set down for a morning cup of coffee and beauty had to be discussed: Continue reading A simple handshake with a healthy grip

Our take on sheet masks

In search of more interesting approaches to skin care, something to brake our everyday routine, we stumbled upon a lovely addition. Why do we do searches like these? Because we embrace the skin that we were given (with its flaws, and imperfections) and we put in a lot of effort into finding new ways we could use in our skin care routine. Continue reading Our take on sheet masks

Thank goodness for pumpkins

Fall is the season we mostly associate with rich and opulent colors: the changing of the leaves on the trees along Toronto’s sidewalks and parks, the fashion show of apples in different shades of yellow and red, and the variety of pumpkins and winter squashes coloring the produce aisles with pearly white, deep green, and shades of orange hues. Continue reading Thank goodness for pumpkins