A simple handshake with a healthy grip

We went to the café, set down for a morning cup of coffee and beauty had to be discussed:

Viola: Look at my cuticles. They’re split open, and only because of the cold breeze that caught me yesterday!

Lillie: Let me see them. Do you hydrate regularly, do you drink your 8 glasses of water every day?

V: Yes, as a matter of fact I drink more: I aim for at least 10. I keep 1.5 litre bottle of water at my desk and I make sure that the bottle is empty before my shift is over.

L: Are you taking your daily supplements?

V: Every morning: my skin and nails multivitamins, I add an extra dose of Vitamin C, and I take B100 complex. And they still give me an issue.

L: How about your moisturizer: do you apply it regularly, and by this I mean each time after you wash your hands, and before you go to bed?

V: Of course, one for extra dry skin. Have you got any suggestions on me improving this?

L: Try adding some Vitamin E oil to your hand cream.

V: I switch purses very often and I forget to move the contents. This leaves me with no hand cream at certain times.

L: Do you have a lip-balm? You can apply it on your cuticles, as a quick fix. Just make sure the balm has Vitamin E in it. I’ve done it many times, when my hands get dry.

L: Because your skin is so sensitive to weather changes, make sure you carry a pair of gloves in your purse, and put them on when it’s windy, or whenever your hands feel cold. You are protecting them from the harsh changes, just like you would your face.

V: Really?

L: Really. And wear surgical or kitchen gloves, whenever you do the dishes, or dust. The dish-washing detergent dries your hands, and the dust can irritate your skin if it’s sensitive.

V: I agree with you on that one. I ever do laundry with gloves – I realized that the detergents and even the liquid softener irritate my hands.

L: And give yourself a nail treatment before bedtime. If you’re not allergic to pollen, mix a drop of Vitamin E oil, a drop of Calendula oil, and a drop of Propolis Extract, apply it on your cuticles, and wear some cotton gloves.

V: I don’t know if I have any sleeping gloves at home.

L: If you don’t, then use plastic bags. It is the same principle that you would use when leaving a hair mask overnight: not to leave the product on your bed sheets.

V: How often should I use this?

L: As often as you’d like. Just make sure you keep applying it, as regularly as you can, especially during the cold months, when we start heating the rooms (and drying the air at the same time).

V: Break’s over, let’s get back to work.



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