Avène Eau Thermale review

To make a long story short, getting burned by hot oil is very painful. It is not just the excruciating pain when the culprit touches your skin that you have to deal with, but you also have to get through the first night. Luckily there was help, masked in the form of a white, sleek, orange-lettered bottle, labelled Avène Eau Thermale.

A little bit of background info: The history of Avène Eau Thermale begun in 1743 when the Marquis of Rocozels had opened the first thermal spring facility in Avène to treat patients that suffered from atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and (you’ve guessed it) burns. In 1871, glass bottles with this thermal water were sent to the burn victims of the great Chicago fire. In 1990, modernized facilities were built not far from the original baths, which as of 2005 can accommodate 4,000 patients.

This miracle worker has been part of our lives for a long time. Its unbelievably pleasant mist was used to set our make-up, alleviate the occasional red faces (either because we’ve had too much fun in the sun, or because we decided to tackle a task where the level of dust was bigger than our skins’ tolerance), and calm our faces right after our battles with the wicked wind of the North during wintertime. The only thing we haven’t tried is to treat burns. So when the time came, the Avène bottle was put to use, and coupled with our bottle of pure Aloe Vera Gel. The order in which this dynamic duo went was: spray Avène on the area, then wait for a couple of minutes, then Aloe, then spray again. And on it went until the night was over, until the agony stopped. Now the burned area looks less painful, the redness is dissipating, and the pain is almost gone. The next step is to continue with the treatment so there’s no more pain, and the skin regains its healthy look. This combined with a heathy dose of vitamin C (the defense line needs to hold stronger, so every help is appreciated) will allow for a speedy recovery (and a great lesson learned in the cooking department: never play with anything hot)

We will forever be grateful for the helping hands of the Aloe Vera Gel and Avène Eau Thermale. What we can also attest to is the famed soothing properties of that white bottle we keep next to the mirror. Its long reputation is still going strong, and we thank the French government of 1874 for acknowledging that Avène Eau Thermale was of “public benefit”.

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