Being peachy keen

It’s late August. We are nearing the end of another summer. But each year around this time, the markets and grocery stores are proudly displaying those lovely round shapes of peaches. I love the smell that ripe peaches give away, it brings memories from my childhood: us girls sitting on the porch burying our faces into what at that time seemed like a giant orange sphere, and the sticky nectar dripping all over our hands and feet. So what should I do with this summer’s ray of sunshine, to make it more memorable: a cobbler, a sorbet, a coffee cake, or an organic chemical peel? Crazy I know, but if you bear with me, I will try to write down all the reasons why I would try a peach facial this time around.

Aside from being the most popular stone fruit (the professionals refer to the pit inside the fruit), it does contain a unique combination of polyphenols and carotenoids, commonly spoken of in the nutritional field as the first warriors against oxidative damage diseases (heart diseases, stroke and cancer). What is also impressive, is the high content of beta carotenes and the medium presence of Vitamin C. When beta carotenes are used topically (used directly on the skin), they reveal a slight “orange” glow that exudes health. The amount of Vitamin C in peaches is not as high as in other citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes), so it might be used to do a mild chemical peel. This is important to consider if you have a sensitive skin type, and using strong peels is not one of the options.

This facial is not only to remove the dead skin cells, but also to nourish, refresh the skin and retain the summer glow. The addition of honey amplifies the nutritional quantity of this mask, and with its antiseptic properties it ensures that what is stuck on the skin surface is being removed when the application is over. If you feel that you need more moisture on your face, add some fat to the mask: cocoa butter has the best “delivery system”, but vitamin E, olive, coconut, jojoba, avocado or sweet almond oil could also be beneficial to you. We love and use oil-based masks the moment the north wind picks up.

So do give peach a try, and be amazed by what this miracle fruit can do for you.

Peach facial:

Makes ½ cup (125ml) of mask

What you’ll need:

  • A firm, but ripe peach
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • Optional: ½ teaspoon melted cocoa butter on any other oil

What to do next:

  • Slice the peach and remove the pit. Add to a bowl or in the food processor. If you are not using a food processor, finely chop the peach to ¼’ or 5mm slices or squares (depending on your knife skills)._MG_0169 (2)
  • Next, add the honey, and the optional ½ teaspoon oil if you are using it._MG_0170 (2)
  • If you are using a food processor, now would be the time to blitz the ingredients, but not to puree them (or mix in with a spoon). You should be able to see the pieces.
  • Clean your face your usual way, and apply the mask on your face and neck (be aware that this might be a messy procedure). Let it sit on your face for 10 minutes.
  • Wet a facecloth with lukewarm water and wipe the mask off your face and neck. Splash water on your face to thoroughly clean the mask from the area, then finish it off with a serum and moisturizer.

Please note:

  • The quantity of this mask can be modified to your preference, and by adding oil it will increase the volume, so be prepared to make some space in your fridge for the air-tight container/jar to keep the mask in for at least one more facial
  • The mask should last you for a week, but to extend its shelf life, add vitamin E oil to it (it acts as a natural preservative). You should use it up within 3 weeks from the time you make it.
  • You can customize it to address your specific skin issues: if you have very dry skin, add more honey and less peach (we tested it to see if it will reduce the appearance of pores, and even our skin’s texture – it’s a tick on both notes).
  • Once you wash the mask off, your skin will feel soft to the touch. So if you have oily skin, it will mattify it.

We hope you will give the peach a try, and as always,

Be happy, be beautiful.Greetings

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