Being mindful

Feeling overwhelmed is something we have all experienced at one point or another.

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Thank goodness for pumpkins

Fall is the season we mostly associate with rich and opulent colors: the changing of the leaves on the trees along Toronto’s sidewalks and parks, the fashion show of apples in different shades of yellow and red, and the variety of pumpkins and winter squashes coloring the produce aisles with pearly white, deep green, and shades of orange hues. Continue reading Thank goodness for pumpkins

Confidence: the tool for positive self-image

Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, we decided to challenge ourselves to try and identify the confident people that stand out in a crowd (we do this on the subway train, during Rush Hour). We also noticed how people carry themselves and whether their positive self-image was naturally implied. In the end, we can draw a simple answer that yes, confident people look more put together because of the way they treat themselves, and this is what we think makes a person look “powerful” and not what he does. Continue reading Confidence: the tool for positive self-image

No more dry skin patches

Living in Toronto, we have felt the beauty of Canadian nature: the summer’s humidity (feels like 37° C) and the cool winter’s windchill (feels like -25° C) effects. Our skin too had felt it, we just reacted to it in a different way. While we were melting in the summer and our teeth chattered in the winter, our skin showed odd dry patches, specifically on the forehead and cheeks. So we blamed the weather: “Oh it’s just too humid, I feel like am going to melt” or “Oh my, I think Frosty the Snowman would have frozen solid, it’s too cold”. Even though we were always careful to use the season-appropriate moisturizer (light one in the summer and serum + rich cream for the winter) the results consistently disappointed us: dry skin patches all year Continue reading No more dry skin patches

What of the fine lines?

I’m sure that by now most of us have had a proper shakedown by the Sunscreen Police Force, SPF, during the summer months. For me, that is my sister who’s always double checking if I’m wearing the proper protection suited for the weather outside (even if it means I’m running to the store across the street, no more than a 2 minute walk, it must be used  in my daily beauty regime). Continue reading What of the fine lines?