Rosy Cheeks

Do you often wonder (after a night-long partying) if there is a miracle potion that will help you to restore the glow in your skin? Well, we do, and decided to road test an age-old remedy: Rose water. Continue reading Rosy Cheeks

Our take on sheet masks

In search of more interesting approaches to skin care, something to brake our everyday routine, we stumbled upon a lovely addition. Why do we do searches like these? Because we embrace the skin that we were given (with its flaws, and imperfections) and we put in a lot of effort into finding new ways we could use in our skin care routine. Continue reading Our take on sheet masks

Review of the Vichy LiftActiv products

We really are thankful for the women in our family. They are always encouraging us to find new products (especially when they run out of them) or improvements to their beauty routines. It is never a boring task, especially when we bring in a new product or a line of products that need to be tested. Continue reading Review of the Vichy LiftActiv products

Avène Eau Thermale review

To make a long story short, getting burned by hot oil is very painful. It is not just the excruciating pain when the culprit touches your skin that you have to deal with, but you also have to get through the first night. Luckily there was help, masked in the form of a white, sleek, orange-lettered bottle, labelled Avène Eau Thermale. Continue reading Avène Eau Thermale review