Being mindful

Feeling overwhelmed is something we have all experienced at one point or another.

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Nail Art

A proper manicure is like a firm handshake: it says that you are a confident, polished person with enough time to spend on yourself. Continue reading Nail Art

A simple handshake with a healthy grip

We went to the café, set down for a morning cup of coffee and beauty had to be discussed: Continue reading A simple handshake with a healthy grip

Confidence: the tool for positive self-image

Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, we decided to challenge ourselves to try and identify the confident people that stand out in a crowd (we do this on the subway train, during Rush Hour). We also noticed how people carry themselves and whether their positive self-image was naturally implied. In the end, we can draw a simple answer that yes, confident people look more put together because of the way they treat themselves, and this is what we think makes a person look “powerful” and not what he does. Continue reading Confidence: the tool for positive self-image

Tips and tricks to help (re)build ourselves

Let this be a dynamic list that keeps growing. Feel free to add your own wise words; we’d love to know what gets you going. Continue reading Tips and tricks to help (re)build ourselves

An apple a day

While we were looking for inspirations and topics we could post, we stumbled upon this nursery rhyme that encourages children to eat healthy: (courtesy of Dr. Mumoli and the Journal of Emergency Medicine):

“Apple in the morning – doctor’s warning;

Roast apple at night – starves the doctor outright;

Eat an apple going to bed – knock the doctor on the head;

Three each day, seven days a week – ruddy apple, ruddy cheek.” Continue reading An apple a day

How expensive is your haircut?

One event that I always connected with new beginnings was a visit to the hairdresser. I had used a new haircut as an announcement whenever I had arrived to a major life decision: changing my university major, my workplace, my career, my boyfriend. This event always brought back my confidence and strength, and the reassurance of the decision I had made. Continue reading How expensive is your haircut?

10,000 steps

If you had some time to lend to yourself, would you take a 30 minute walk? Could the 30 minute walk at a fast, but steady pace, be a part of our daily beauty regime?

On one occasion, a very good person told us that if we were to spend only 30 minutes each day focusing on ourselves it would make for the beauty we feel inside to match the beauty we see outside; we would very much appreciate being alive and appreciate the ones around us.

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