Christmas is near

We love shopping for Christmas gifts for our family and friends. So much so, that we even try to imagine what their reaction is going to be when they open the parcel with their name on it. We use a simple equation: throughout the year we pick up on different hints (what the person likes, loves, or can’t get enough of), add what we think they would need, subtract the birthday gift and produce an awesome present, labeled “From Santa” left under the tree.

Here are some tips on how we make sure that when the time of gift giving comes, everyone is “merry and bright”:

  • Shop throughout the year: a dear friend of ours gave us this classic approach. The logic is sound, since we’re always in some sort of a shopping mode. This has made the process of buying gifts to seem less of a chore, we almost always stay within a budget (yay for sales and clearances), and we don’t have to wait in long lines at the checkout. It does ask for a bit of planning, which brings us to the next point.
  • Always make a list: make a list of all the people you’re buying gifts for, either on a writing pad you always carry with your on your cell phone. It’s much easier to manage (your budget, or the number of people you need to buy gifts for), than simply trying to memorize it all. If you want to be more specific, try to group all of the names into gift categories, according to their hobbies or interests. This way, you map out all possible stores where you could go.
  • Size doesn’t matter: presents can be big or small, and yes it is possible to give something that can actually fit through the front door. So if you find something small, like a fountain pen or a beautiful notebook, buy it. It will be appreciated by the student, or the aspiring writer, or the one who has a limited space on your shopping list (think apartment size).
  • Now it’s the right time to introduce new products or brands: we are always happy when new products or brands come our way, so naturally we want to share this experience with others. During the holiday season, many brands come up with compact versions of their best-selling items, so it is easy to buy presents from the brand we love and give it to someone so they have the chance to try them.
  • Bring out the artist in you: if you are unable to find anything in the stores, try making the gift yourself. It is so much easy to find inspirations nowadays: people post different DIYs on Pinterest and Instagram with pictures, and if you can buy the supplies (without overspending) give it a try. You’ll be surprised how much passion, and very little material is used to make the perfect gift.
  • When all ideas are exhausted: when this happens, buy them something for the Christmas tree. A beautiful handmade, glass ornament is neither too little, nor too much: it will be appreciated by the recipient because of its uniqueness.

It’s not that we don’t love splurges, but we love scoring sales even more. We make sure that all our presents are heartfelt and original (read, quirky), but most of all we want our gifts to say that they came from us.

As always,

Be happy, merry and beautiful

Season's greetings


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