How expensive is your haircut?

One event that I always connected with new beginnings was a visit to the hairdresser. I had used a new haircut as an announcement whenever I had arrived to a major life decision: changing my university major, my workplace, my career, my boyfriend. This event always brought back my confidence and strength, and the reassurance of the decision I had made.

I, myself, had a difficult time finding the good stylist (I often compared it to finding a good doctor/dentist; once you find them you never want to let go). I was never concerned about the cost (thank you Grandma for making it an embedded MUST to have a good hair style), yet I had put my trust and faith in the experts and the results were amazing. I found Sora at the DBK Salon and Spa, and she got me, right from the start.

But what stuck with me most was the reactions that followed after my hair appointment: I would be regularly stopped in the street to be told how ‘cool’ my haircut looks, this would happen even when I had skipped my appointment (no haircut in 2-3 months), or on my way to the hairdresser. Funny right. I realized that all those people who were amazed, if you will, by my haircut, were really surprised of how the style suites the shape of my head, my face features and my personality. People liked how well the haircut suited ME. So what if my haircut costs $60-$70(tax + tip included) for cut and style alone. I look good in it.

To break down the price for you: my short haircut asks for a maintenance, so ideally I should go to my hairstylist Sora every 6 weeks. My cost per week would be $10 or rounded $1.5 per day. Buck fifty a day could buy me a small coffee at the Timmy’s. If I hide that buck fifty in my pocket and make my own coffee at home I could always maintain my hairstyle.

To all my doubtful beauties, the one who shy away from the hair salons due to the high prices (you know who you are), I have but one thing to tell you, in capital letters of course:


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL so ENHANCE IT, please don’t hide it.

Because if we are to preach of beauty galore, that covers beauty from head (hair included) to toe.

And as always,

Be happy, be beautiful.


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