Our take on sheet masks

In search of more interesting approaches to skin care, something to brake our everyday routine, we stumbled upon a lovely addition. Why do we do searches like these? Because we embrace the skin that we were given (with its flaws, and imperfections) and we put in a lot of effort into finding new ways we could use in our skin care routine.

So when we discovered the Korean sheet masks at our local Wal-Mart store, we immediately jumped on the Asian skin care bandwagon and let’s just say that we have been enjoying the benefits of this ride for some time now. We became religious users of different kinds of sheet masks that address issues such as minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, lightening sun spots and getting a deep surge of moisture.

These individually packed cotton, or hydrogel sheets outline a face, and have open holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Different kinds of serum (pearl essence, fruit collagen, Coenzyme Q10, and our favourite – hyaluronic acid) or ingredients (mango, papaya, yogurt, blackberry, etc.) are concentrated within the sheets and their variety is growing.

Nowadays, we can find them in the beauty department of drugstores, at The Face Shop, Sephora and online. Their prices range from $1.99 (for one), to $180 (for a boxed pack), and depend on where you buy them.

The sheet masks can be white, transparent or printed as an anime-themed character. The size is pretty much universal, and big enough to cover the entire face. The directions for using the sheet masks is very simple: apply on clean face, leave it for 20 (or more) minutes, peel it off (after your timer goes off), and gently pat the rest of the serum (or essence) into the face.

The one new thing we discovered is that we can combine two different kinds of sheet masks, and address specific skin related issues. One approach is to use separate sheet mask after your morning and night facial cleansing, and before applying your regular skin care routine. The one we love is using two different types of sheet masks in a consecutive order. We start off with a more specific issue, such as minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and use an anti-aging mask, and seal it off with a good dose of moisture (either from pure hyaluronic acid or Argan oil sheet mask).

Either as a simple pick-me-up (for the extra TLC) or as part of our regular beauty routine, we love to use sheet masks. They not only “straighten” our faces, but while wearing the masks we could relax in those 20 minutes or more doing whatever we please: reading a book, napping or watching funny shows, laugh out loud, and still come out looking fresh.

As always,

Be happy, be beautiful.



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