Review of the Vichy LiftActiv products

We really are thankful for the women in our family. They are always encouraging us to find new products (especially when they run out of them) or improvements to their beauty routines. It is never a boring task, especially when we bring in a new product or a line of products that need to be tested. Continue reading Review of the Vichy LiftActiv products

Why should we be prepping our skin with oil?

The weatherman said there is a possibility that we’ll see the first snow here in Toronto over the weekend. And having an awesome late-summer temperatures last week for Thanksgiving, it seems the right time to say our thanks to Mother Nature for the lovely September and present to you an important step we add to our beauty regime each year in the middle of October that helps us to counterbalance the harshness of the northern winds. Continue reading Why should we be prepping our skin with oil?

Avène Eau Thermale review

To make a long story short, getting burned by hot oil is very painful. It is not just the excruciating pain when the culprit touches your skin that you have to deal with, but you also have to get through the first night. Luckily there was help, masked in the form of a white, sleek, orange-lettered bottle, labelled Avène Eau Thermale. Continue reading Avène Eau Thermale review

Confidence: the tool for positive self-image

Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, we decided to challenge ourselves to try and identify the confident people that stand out in a crowd (we do this on the subway train, during Rush Hour). We also noticed how people carry themselves and whether their positive self-image was naturally implied. In the end, we can draw a simple answer that yes, confident people look more put together because of the way they treat themselves, and this is what we think makes a person look “powerful” and not what he does. Continue reading Confidence: the tool for positive self-image

Tips and tricks to help (re)build ourselves

Let this be a dynamic list that keeps growing. Feel free to add your own wise words; we’d love to know what gets you going. Continue reading Tips and tricks to help (re)build ourselves

Gluten-free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Whenever there was a celebration in our house (especially when it was someone’s birthday), we made a big cake with everything in it and all the toppings on it. This time around, we are trying a new philosophy Continue reading Gluten-free Ice Cream Sandwiches

The Healing Properties of Aloe Vera

This post is for those who have allergic reactions to pollen and bee sting:

Mother Nature might have made us to be different from each other (and why not, who wants to live in a Stepford society), but gave us sources of various kinds to make sure we all benefit from her majestic creations the same way. Continue reading The Healing Properties of Aloe Vera

The other kind of chip

Some days we crave the crunchy. And the baked apples are okay, but what we really really need is a bowl of chips. So if you are like us, and have an apple and some time to spare, why not make apple chips. The recipe is very easy and needs only two ingredients. Each time we make it, we overcome the great urge to cave in and pop open that bag of potato chips we have saved for those “just in case” moments. And this has kept us going potato-free for three whole months. Continue reading The other kind of chip

An apple a day

While we were looking for inspirations and topics we could post, we stumbled upon this nursery rhyme that encourages children to eat healthy: (courtesy of Dr. Mumoli and the Journal of Emergency Medicine):

“Apple in the morning – doctor’s warning;

Roast apple at night – starves the doctor outright;

Eat an apple going to bed – knock the doctor on the head;

Three each day, seven days a week – ruddy apple, ruddy cheek.” Continue reading An apple a day

Being as sweet as honey

Oh, if only Canadian summer could last forever…But what if we make winter our friend? What if we are well prepared for Winter, and we greet her as a good friend who came over for a visit and stayed for the winter holidays, and over Easter perhaps? We will stop there before we scare ourselves into moving to a tropical island and pretend we had never seen a winter storm nor felt the North wind on our faces.

And here is the reason for that fear: The low temperature contributes greatly to the loss of moisture and elasticity in the skin. What we need to do is prepare our skin to be ready when we get into the winter months of January and February. Continue reading Being as sweet as honey