How expensive is your haircut?

One event that I always connected with new beginnings was a visit to the hairdresser. I had used a new haircut as an announcement whenever I had arrived to a major life decision: changing my university major, my workplace, my career, my boyfriend. This event always brought back my confidence and strength, and the reassurance of the decision I had made. Continue reading How expensive is your haircut?

10,000 steps

If you had some time to lend to yourself, would you take a 30 minute walk? Could the 30 minute walk at a fast, but steady pace, be a part of our daily beauty regime?

On one occasion, a very good person told us that if we were to spend only 30 minutes each day focusing on ourselves it would make for the beauty we feel inside to match the beauty we see outside; we would very much appreciate being alive and appreciate the ones around us.

How could the 30 minute walk help? Continue reading 10,000 steps

Being peachy keen

It’s late August. We are nearing the end of another summer. But each year around this time, the markets and grocery stores are proudly displaying those lovely round shapes of peaches. I love the smell that ripe peaches give away, it brings memories from my childhood: us girls sitting on the porch burying our faces into what at that time seemed like a giant orange sphere, and the sticky nectar dripping all over our hands and feet. So what should I do with this summer’s ray of sunshine, to make it more memorable: a cobbler, a sorbet, a coffee cake, or an organic chemical peel? Crazy I know, but if you bear with me, I will try to write down all the reasons why I would try a peach facial this time around. Continue reading Being peachy keen

A simple pick me up

The title says it all: this is a recipe for a cheesecake that can make all things better, especially on those days when nothing else will cut it. First of all, it is special because it’s rectangular. Also, we make it as our special treat (please don’t judge the way we think about desert). Moreover, the entire cake is made from scratch, making it even more special. And lastly, if you let it rest in the fridge overnight, once you dig into each of the layers your taste buds will sing with each bite. Continue reading A simple pick me up

No more dry skin patches

Living in Toronto, we have felt the beauty of Canadian nature: the summer’s humidity (feels like 37° C) and the cool winter’s windchill (feels like -25° C) effects. Our skin too had felt it, we just reacted to it in a different way. While we were melting in the summer and our teeth chattered in the winter, our skin showed odd dry patches, specifically on the forehead and cheeks. So we blamed the weather: “Oh it’s just too humid, I feel like am going to melt” or “Oh my, I think Frosty the Snowman would have frozen solid, it’s too cold”. Even though we were always careful to use the season-appropriate moisturizer (light one in the summer and serum + rich cream for the winter) the results consistently disappointed us: dry skin patches all year Continue reading No more dry skin patches

What of the fine lines?

I’m sure that by now most of us have had a proper shakedown by the Sunscreen Police Force, SPF, during the summer months. For me, that is my sister who’s always double checking if I’m wearing the proper protection suited for the weather outside (even if it means I’m running to the store across the street, no more than a 2 minute walk, it must be used  in my daily beauty regime). Continue reading What of the fine lines?