Review of the Vichy LiftActiv products

We really are thankful for the women in our family. They are always encouraging us to find new products (especially when they run out of them) or improvements to their beauty routines. It is never a boring task, especially when we bring in a new product or a line of products that need to be tested. And why not? By using the new products they regain their youthful appearance – and we gain test results and assurance of what really works and know for sure what to use when we get to their age.

One woman in particular, is very vocal about what she considers to be her tools to looking fresh-faced and with fewer than the usual number of frown lines. She is proud to be 56 years old; she thinks that sugar-coating should be used only when making deserts; considers her face to be one that can and will tell you what she really thinks about the comment you just made (furrowed brows, and the blank stare are the loudest); she will be frank and tell you that she became an active user of anti-aging products five years ago, and she is not afraid to show the results. Yes, we are talking about our mother, who has been the best sport when it comes to trying new products for sensitive, mature skin (she is currently taking anti-aging capsules, and we’re closely monitoring the therapy’s progress). Our love for all things beautiful came from her. And because we love sharing what we have discovered so far, here is our mom’s two cents on the Vichy products she’s been using for the past six months.

What she thinks of the LiftActiv Serum 10:

  • She loves the metallic look; it’s easy to use: the pump at the top dispenses the amount she desires to use.
  • She is sensitive to perfumed cosmetic products, so she loves the serum’s faint scent.
  • Upon applying it to her face, she experiences the face-lift effect, but her skin is supple (not tightened); the fine lines on her face are softened, and some of them are almost gone.
  • She applies is before a moisturizer (the LiftActiv Supreme one), but she sometimes doubles the dose and uses it as a night mask.
  • Each bottle lasts her for approximately 2 months (this period depends on how much serum she applies).

What she thinks of the LiftActiv Supreme Moisturizer:

  • She loves the fact that it is a jar for two reasons: she controls the amount of product she applies on her face, and she also knows when it is time to replace it.
  • The moisturizer doesn’t have a strong smell, and it is safe to use on her sensitive, but normal skin.
  • It goes on evenly, and makes her skin feel nourished; she doesn’t see many of the fine lines on her forehead (the blurring effect is really working); to us, her face looks radiant each time after application.
  • She mixes a small amount of the moisturizer with her CC cream, and it allows her to have a more natural look (despite wearing a light coverage).

One last thing that she emphasizes is to use the massage technique that Vichy published on the pamphlet: it helped her address the problematic areas (the lines around her mouth, and eyes), and shifted her focus on improving the appearance of both.

What we love is that she looks as young as she feels.

As always,

Be happy, be beautiful.

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