Rosy Cheeks

Rosy Cheeks

Do you often wonder (after a night-long partying) if there is a miracle potion that will help you to restore the glow in your skin? Well, we do, and decided to road test an age-old remedy: Rose water.

Rose has been around since ancient Greece, and special kind of shrubs (more specifically, shrubs from the Rose damascena species) are still being cultivated for the sole purpose of extracting the rose’s essence, and bottled in waters and oils.

Often referred to as the king of flowers, we plant, smell and admire this beauty. In some cultures, the rose is being considered as a ceremonial flower, is offered at weddings for good luck, and has been used to alleviate symptoms varying from poor digestion to skin inflammation.

The common benefits of the rose come from its active compounds, and make it a staple ingredient in the cosmetics industry. The benefit list is long, some of it (such as the wound healing properties and it’s ability to reduce skin inflammation) has been passed through the sieve of scientific research and proven to be true to its nature, and some is used as part of the traditional medicine, eagerly awaiting a curious mind to tackle its mechanism.

Due to its anti-oxidants, the rose is able to reduce the number of damaged skin cells, promote healthy cell growth, and take part in the prevention mechanism that minimizes cell damage, and helps prolong the aging process. Additionally, the rose flower has anti-inflammatory properties due to its high content of Vitamin C.

The most commonly used product is the rose water. It comes in toners and mists, and can be used throughout the day. It has a light scent, it soothes the skin, and promotes its natural radiance. You can make your own rose water, buy it from your cosmetics counter, or from the grocery store (if their bakery section is well stocked).

Spritz it on your face, or apply it on a cotton pad and massage it into your skin. The more you use it (especially during the cold winter months), the more benefits you can take away from it, and most of all, your skin will be thankful for it.

As always,
Be happy, be merry, be beautiful.



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