Nail Art

A proper manicure is like a firm handshake: it says that you are a confident, polished person with enough time to spend on yourself. Continue reading Nail Art

Our take on sheet masks

In search of more interesting approaches to skin care, something to brake our everyday routine, we stumbled upon a lovely addition. Why do we do searches like these? Because we embrace the skin that we were given (with its flaws, and imperfections) and we put in a lot of effort into finding new ways we could use in our skin care routine. Continue reading Our take on sheet masks

Why should we be prepping our skin with oil?

The weatherman said there is a possibility that we’ll see the first snow here in Toronto over the weekend. And having an awesome late-summer temperatures last week for Thanksgiving, it seems the right time to say our thanks to Mother Nature for the lovely September and present to you an important step we add to our beauty regime each year in the middle of October that helps us to counterbalance the harshness of the northern winds. Continue reading Why should we be prepping our skin with oil?