Being as sweet as honey

Oh, if only Canadian summer could last forever…But what if we make winter our friend? What if we are well prepared for Winter, and we greet her as a good friend who came over for a visit and stayed for the winter holidays, and over Easter perhaps? We will stop there before we scare ourselves into moving to a tropical island and pretend we had never seen a winter storm nor felt the North wind on our faces.

And here is the reason for that fear: The low temperature contributes greatly to the loss of moisture and elasticity in the skin. What we need to do is prepare our skin to be ready when we get into the winter months of January and February. Continue reading Being as sweet as honey

Being peachy keen

It’s late August. We are nearing the end of another summer. But each year around this time, the markets and grocery stores are proudly displaying those lovely round shapes of peaches. I love the smell that ripe peaches give away, it brings memories from my childhood: us girls sitting on the porch burying our faces into what at that time seemed like a giant orange sphere, and the sticky nectar dripping all over our hands and feet. So what should I do with this summer’s ray of sunshine, to make it more memorable: a cobbler, a sorbet, a coffee cake, or an organic chemical peel? Crazy I know, but if you bear with me, I will try to write down all the reasons why I would try a peach facial this time around. Continue reading Being peachy keen