Looking our Sunday’s best over the holidays

A lot of things happen to us around this time of the year. Some of us are planning cookie bake-offs, some of us are making the final arrangements for the office or a get-together at home. In the end, we all have a social eventĀ (of any kind) to attend, and look our best. Continue reading Looking our Sunday’s best over the holidays

10,000 steps

If you had some time to lend to yourself, would you take a 30 minute walk? Could the 30 minute walk at a fast, but steady pace, be a part of our daily beauty regime?

On one occasion, a very good person told us that if we were to spend only 30 minutes each day focusing on ourselves it would make for the beauty we feel inside to match the beauty we see outside; we would very much appreciate being alive and appreciate the ones around us.

How could the 30 minute walk help? Continue reading 10,000 steps