What of the fine lines?

I’m sure that by now most of us have had a proper shakedown by the Sunscreen Police Force, SPF, during the summer months. For me, that is my sister who’s always double checking if I’m wearing the proper protection suited for the weather outside (even if it means I’m running to the store across the street, no more than a 2 minute walk, it must be used  in my daily beauty regime).

I know from science that UV-A rays give us the lovely tan we get when basking in the sun, and if abused by staying out for too long without the proper application of SPF, can cause premature aging. UV-B rays are the burning rays and can cause sunburn 1000 times faster than UV-A, no matter what our skin type or color is. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they also kick-start the aging process.

However, my concern begins after we’ve applied the 5 layers of sunscreen. On the upside we do prevent sunburn and severe skin damage, but there still lies the problem of taking care of the excess UV-A(ging) rays that cause fine lines and wrinkles. The option of staying indoors until sunset, especially in the summer months, is impossible to do ( a suitable anti-aging product perhaps?).

With a little bit of digging I was able to find three important products that work together with the SPF protection to ensure that our sunbathing days are pleasurable and show off the natural glow.

  1. Resveratrol: it is very popular in the anti-aging industry for its ability to capture, if you’d like, broken cells and make new healthy ones. It is high in antioxidants (the good guys) and protects the cells from the excess sunrays (therefore it is referred to as being photoprotective). It is found in red wine, and the more mature (vintage) the wine, the greater the properties (who’s up for a red wine facial?). When shopping for a product that contains Resveratrol, read the ingredients to see if it’s paired up with Lecithin: studies have shown that the skin cells absorb the Resveratrol faster if they are coupled with some “fat”.
  2. Quercetin: a naturally occurring compound that is among the top antioxidant contenders in the fight against cell damaging and preventing other diseases. It can be found in apples, tea, nuts and berries. Its function is to protect the cells and thus plays a big role in the anti-aging department. When shopping for a quercetin enriched product (enriched with apple, white tea or any of the berries extract) try to find one that is part oil, and part water. Studies have shown that like the case with resveratrol, skin cells benefit more if the quercetin is delivered to them with a little bit of oil.
  3. Green tea extract is probably the oldest trend used for centuries to prevent various diseases among the Asian culture . And of course unintentionally, to avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles. I have to say that after reading papers about green tea, I consider it as a very potent tool filled with antioxidants and its daily consumption is the elixir to maybe prolonging the aging process for at least a couple of years (too bad I can’t say decades, I’m starting the regime a bit older and with a mature skin). So from today on, I will take my daily dose of green tea and see if I can slow down the formation of fine lines that occurred from watching way too much “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.

I hope this info is useful to you; reading and writing about it was truly the fun part. My next step is to try to fit in what I found in my daily beauty regime and will be posting updates regularly. If you have any other natural anti-aging techniques or ingredients, and would like for me to do the digging, just let me know. I always enjoy a treasure hunt.

Cheers and be happy!


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