Why should we be prepping our skin with oil?

The weatherman said there is a possibility that we’ll see the first snow here in Toronto over the weekend. And having an awesome late-summer temperatures last week for Thanksgiving, it seems the right time to say our thanks to Mother Nature for the lovely September and present to you an important step we add to our beauty regime each year in the middle of October that helps us to counterbalance the harshness of the northern winds.

Simply said, we have been using facial oils of different kinds layered atop the hyaluronic acid serum to add another level of moisture to our skin. And each year we pick our favorite ones, and stick to them for good eight months, or until the last snowbank has disappeared into the atmosphere and comes back in the form of April’s showers (that come in May). We might however reconsider prolonging the duration of using facial oils throughout the year, because as we grow wiser we need that extra boost of confidence where flawless complexion is required.

So why are facial oils good for us?

  1. For starters, they can serve as the perfect moisturizer when you feel like changing up the beauty routine: we started applying few drops of olive oil on those days when we needed to lighten up on the products.
  2. They help remove all things foreign from the face: oil cleansing is a special tool that helps remove dirt, grime, sunscreen, and make-up (the logic behind it is that oil dissolves oil). To get you started, we searched YouTube for videos on the how to.
  3. They pack a full punch of nutrients that can be easily delivered to the skin: the approach we use is, the more natural the oil is, the bigger the nutritional value it has, and greater its benefits are to the skin (read this article for a quick and quirky information on oils).

In terms of how to apply any facial oil, our philosophy is “less is more”. We’ve read numerous instructions, and tried different techniques on how to use them. What we found out is when we use only two drops and apply it on the face, the oil is absorbed in the skin and doesn’t leave that greasy residue (that we get from eating french fries sans forks).

And now to introduce our favorites for this season:

  • Argan Oil: we’ve used Moroccan Oil as part of our hair care for good 7 years, and we’re still amazed at what it does to our hair (besides making our hair smell heavenly). But this time we decided to test Argan oil in its purest form (we’re talking about a purity of 100%, bought from the health store). Boasting of its moisturizing (full of Vitamin E) and anti-aging properties, this oil is also lightweight on the face and excellent for all skin types (yes even for those with oily skin, due to its anti-inflammatory properties). We’re sure that you can find your own brand, and give it a try.
  • Rose hip oil: this oil is the newest addition to our flotilla of anti-aging products. We discovered that it’s perfect for sensitive skin. The brand that we are currently using hails from Australia, and uses the entire rose hip bud to extract the oil. It contains antioxidants (Vitamin C, in particular), the anti-aging Retinol, beta-carotene (naturally occurring pro-Vitamin A) and lycopene. So it protects the skin and promotes the production of new cells. We got ours from the local pharmacy, but the health stores also carry it. The most amazing part is that if we need to boost our daily vitamin intake, this oil is safe to eat.
  • Calendula (Marigold) oil: despite of being too careful during wintertime, we always end up with a flare up on our faces from the north winds. And to add to the irony, we have developed a sensitivity to over-the-counter products, so we had to find a natural way to combat these skin troubles. Needless to say, we got introduced to the Calendula herb, in many of its shapes (creams, ointments, and now the oil). This herb was used in a study to see its efficacy dealing with diaper rash on baby skin, so it is safe to use on sensitive skin. Aside from the fact that it reduces inflammations (it is rich in quercitin), the Marigold oil prevents the formation of wrinkles (with its anti-oxidants such as lycopene), retains the skin’s moisture levels, and promotes the skin’s elasticity.

There are of course, other oils that we didn’t mention here (sunflower, grapeseed, marula, blackcurrant, sweet and bitter almond, jojoba, etc) which can be used. The only thing we suggest is to choose nut, flower, or fruit based oils (instead of the chemically derived ones). The more natural they are harvested, the easier they can be on the skin. Also, if this is something new to you, allow yourself time to get used to the practice of applying facial oil. You’ll love what happens next.

As always

Be happy, be beautiful.



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